Thank you from Dr Tim Harlow

Retiring Consultant, Tim Harlow, gives thanks to the local community and urges their continued support for the future.

Tim Harlow has been a Doctor and Consultant at Hospiscare for 14 years and retires in September.

As he reflects on his time at the charity he wants to say thank you to the many people in the community who have supported his work.

Tim says of his time at Hospiscare

“Sometimes the word ‘privilege’ is overused, but here it is absolutely correct. It really has been, and still is, a privilege to do this work – to help people as they face this sternest of tests. Watching the nurses caring for people at the end of their life, going that extra mile, seeing how much it matters to get it right for the patient and for their loved ones.”

Tim Harlow is based at the Hospice in Exeter and he recalls many occasions where the whole charity has come together to help patients and families to make the most of the time they have, because everyday matters. He recalls a time last year when there were a number of weddings that had to be arranged last minute. “Our chaplain worked around the clock to get the necessary legalities approved, while volunteers came in to transform our chapel, our cooks stayed on to bake wedding cakes and the medical team took care of the patient to make sure they were able to enjoy the occasion and for the families to make those last, poignant memories together.”

Reflecting on the changes in end-of-life care he praises the RD&E hospital for its high quality Palliative Care and cites the work of Hospiscare’s hospital specialist nurses that have helped educate and share their expertise amongst the wards. He is also particularly proud about the improvements in the education of end of life care at a student level.

“One of the best changes I have seen is the way Hospiscare has become part of the University of Exeter Medical School. All students now get a 9 week placement in cancer and palliative care – when I qualified, we got nothing. This is a real investment in the future care for the whole country and I already see young doctors better able to handle the care of the dying as a result of this.”

He praises the local community that have helped support Hospiscare, without whom we would not be able to operate, and calls for them to continue the support so that Hospiscare’s good work can continue long after he retires. He says:

“There is so much we are doing, and so much we still need to do, with new ventures such as our Hospice at Home service for instance. One thing that helps us to be able to plan longer term and improve what we do is having regular income that we can rely on. So I am asking all our fabulous supporters if they would be able to commit to regular giving of whatever sum by direct debit or standing order.”

“Knowing we have that regular support helps me to feel confident about the future of this remarkable organisation and it’s vital work. Whatever contribution you already make to this great work, thank you. You make something wonderful happen.”

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