Looking after you

The care and support Hospiscare provides is focused on your individual needs and preferences.

Andy and Paula in the Hospiscare Garden

The majority of people we look after choose to be cared for at home.  We have day hospices in Exeter, Tiverton or Honiton that you may be able to attend. You may also receive inpatient care at Searle House hospice in Exeter, on our 12-bed ward.

Understanding what you need

The Hospiscare team will be in contact with other people related to your care to help you receive the best treatment and care, and can refer you on to other services and help you to access equipment which may be just what you or your family need.

Hospiscare volunteers can arrange transport for appointments, provide complementary therapies and give carer and bereavement support.

Practical advice

We understand that in addition to the physical and emotional problems that come from having a life limiting illness, the financial and practical aspects facing you can also be distressing.

Hospiscare have a team of Care Navigators who are trained volunteers providing a befriending and sitting service.  Care Navigators can introduce you to a range of services, helping you to find the right support you need.

As well as navigating you through the health care system and social services available, Care Navigators offer you and your family ongoing emotional and practical support throughout your illness.

Hospiscare Care Navigators work in some areas as an extension of our community nursing teams and can put you in touch with the various agencies who can assist you with the practicalities of life. 

Click here to download our Introduction to Hospiscare Services leaflet.


Symptom advice

It's important to talk through any symptoms you are experiencing with your Hospiscare nurse. However, we have also put together some advice for common symptoms that you can access easily here. 


Patient information leaflets 

If you or someone you know is a Hospiscare patient, and you would like to access our information leaflets for patients, friends and family electronically, click here



Upholding dignity 

Respecting everyone’s dignity in Hospiscare is how we focus on the value of every person as an individual. It means respecting their views, choices and decisions and not making assumptions about how people want to be treated and provide care with compassion and respect.

If you would like to discuss anything around dignity or respect that has caused you concern during your illness or the illness of your relative or friend, then Hospiscare has a Dignity Champion John Coop who would be available to discuss this with you.

To contact John please email your request to  

or contact Ros on 01392 688023.