Visiting the ward during COVID-19

Visiting the ward during COVID-19

Everything you need to know about visiting a patient during the pandemic

In this current and ever-changing Coronavirus situation, it’s vital that all reasonable steps are taken to protect the well-being of vulnerable patients on our specialist ward and Hospiscare staff.  The following processes and precautions must be followed so that we can continue to safely welcome visitors.

Visiting patients on the ward

Each patient can have three named visitors to visit them on the ward but a max. of two visitors at a time. In addition each patient can have a garden visitor, who also needs to be the same named person. These visitors must remain the same for the duration of the patient’s stay and their names should be given on admission.

Each patient can have up to a two hour visit every day. This can be one two-hour slot or be divided into two individual one-hour slots. If the ward is very busy, we may have to limit this to one hour each day but staff will inform you about this on a daily basis. This is to allow all of our 12 patients to see those close to them every day in a safe and organised manner. Staff will guide you with appointments.

We are aware that visiting is limited but pleased be assured that a doctor or senior nurse can speak to you on the phone to give further information if needed.

Visitor COVID-19 testing

We require all visitors to undertake Lateral Flow testing twice a week. The test will administer by a member of our team and involves a swab of your nose. This will start on your first visit to the ward. We know that some people may find this difficult but these measures are in place so that we can continue to welcome visitors in a safe manner.

COVID-19 Symptoms

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or who has been in contact with anyone with symptoms should not visit.  If you have recently been abroad we ask that you please check the government website for guidance before visiting.

Carrying out a visit

  • We ask that the nominated person ring each morning to speak to the Nurse in Charge to make an appointment
  • On arrival you must sanitise your hands and wear a face covering. A member of the team will meet you and take you into a room where we will take the swab. You must wait in here for ½ hr. If negative you will be able to go onto the ward. If positive we will advise you on what you need to do – but you will not be able to visit.
  • If you are going to provide hands-on care for a patient, we will ask you to wear gloves and an apron. Please wash your hands frequently during your visit.
  • We will provide a fluid resistant mask each time you visit. This must be worn over the nose and mouth for the duration of your visit.
  • Please remain by the bedside and do not walk around the ward. If you require the toilet we can assist you to the right room to use
  • Please fill out a Track & Trace form with the necessary details

Visiting with children

Please discuss with the Nurse in Charge regarding children under 16 visiting the ward.

Extended visiting

If a patient is in the last few days of life, nursing staff will guide you about extended visiting times.

Virtual visiting

We can support all our patients with virtual visiting via WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom. The ward also has access to an iPad. Patients are also welcome to use personal mobile phones or tablets. We have Wi-Fi available. Please ask staff for details.

Visiting arrangements may be subject to change or suspended at any time during these exceptional circumstances. We appreciate that this is hard for so many families but our staff will care for your loved one with compassion and respect at all times.

Is there free parking?

There are a limited number of free parking spaces at Searle House. They’re in the visitor car park on the right after the entrance. Once you’ve parked, please come to reception for a parking pass. If there are no available spaces, you can park in the hospital’s carpark, but please note that these spaces are Pay and Display.

Can I stay overnight?

We do not currently offer overnight stays.

Is there a café at Hospiscare?

Currently there is no café facility available on the ward.

Contact us for any further information:

To speak to a Nurse: 01392 688044

To speak to a Patient: 01392 688047

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