Video library

Video library

As part of our commitment to providing expert care across our community, we have collated this library of videos relating to end-of-life care, as a free resource for healthcare professionals.

Use the links to browse our video library by topic or click the button below to visit our searchable database of videos on a wide range of subjects relating to palliative medicine and end-of-life care.

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Advance Care Planning

Let’s Talk About Death: Planning Ahead

Hospiscare’s Chief Nurse, Ann Rhys, explains what Advance Care Planning is and Hospiscare can help with it.

A short guide to Advance Care Planning

A simple five-step guide to Advance Care Planning, to help ensure patients can receive the care they want, when they want it.

Structured communications and escalation

This video from Health Education England explains the structured communication and escalation practice used in relation to news and deterioration.

Treatment escalation plans and resuscitation

This video from Health Education England is designed to help healthcare professionals to understand treatment escalation plans (TEP) and resuscitation for deteriorating patients.


TEP discussions during a pandemic

This recorded presentation by Dr Jessica Patten, a Palliative Care Speciality Doctor at Hospiscare, covers topics such as how to establish goals of care, treatment options and TEP form documentation. If you would like access to this presentation video, please email to request the password.

Understanding and managing symptoms

What is anxiety?

Self-help tips for anxiety

What is fatigue?

What is breathlessness?

Self-help tips for breathlessness and fatigue

Practical advice for carers

See below for a range of practical tips and advice videos for carers…

Changing an occupied bed

This video from Wings Health Care Training shows you how to change a bed when someone is in it.

How to care for your catheter (male) 

This video from UHN Patient Education shows you how to care for your catheter.

How to care for your catheter (female) 

This video from Johns Hopkins Urology shows you how to care for your catheter.

How to give a bed bath

This video from CareChannel shows you how to give a bed bath to someone at home.

Helping someone to use the toilet or commode 

Your patient or loved one may need help using the toilet or commode. This video below from CareChannel gives advice on how to support someone with using a commode.

Helping someone to use a bed pan

This video from CareChannel shows you how to help your loved one use a bed pan.

How to prevent bed sores/pressure ulcers

This video from CareChannel gives advice about how you can help prevent bed sores and pressure ulcers for someone who is spending extended periods in one position.

Recognising deterioration in people with learning disabilities

The video below is designed to help health and care workers understand how to recognise deterioration and sepsis in patients with learning disabilities.

Guidance on Verification of an Expected (Adult) Death

This recorded presentation by Laura Marshall, Clinical Practice Facilitator at Hospiscare, explains the process of verifying an expected death in adult during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like access to this presentation video, please to request the password.

Discussing unwelcome news during COVID-19

This collection of short videos have been produced by Dr Kathryn Mannix and her team to support clinicians in holding difficult conversations with patients and families in these challenging times, using the Real Talk Training framework.

To view the Real Talk Training Framework click here. To view the evidence base that informs this advice click here.

  • Video 1: The Framework – Dr Kathryn Mannix on the Real Talk framework for ‘tender bad news conservations’ (7 minutes)
  • Video 2: Community – Dr Mannix introduces Kim, a Specialist Palliative Care Nurse for disciussion on starting conversations with patients about Advance Care Planning (11 minutes)
  • Video 3: Breaking Bad News – Dr Mannix and Dr Hannah Gunn on breaking bad news (11 minutes)
  • Video 4: Ceilings of Treatment – Dr Mark Taubert talks through the “Treatment Ladder” of appropriate care (11 minutes)

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