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Knightshayes, Near Tiverton
The Breakfast Run
30th Sep 2018
The Breakfast Run is back – all teddy bears welcome!
Posted on May 9th 2017

Hospiscare staff and children at Heathcote Primary School

Hospiscare’s Breakfast Run 2017 has been launched to the delight of the students at Heathcoat Primary School in Tiverton, who held a Bring your Teddy to School day to celebrate the occasion. 

Hospiscare’s George the Mouse joined them, helping to explain how the Breakfast Run at Knightshayes on the 17th September will help local patients and their families.

The Breakfast Run, a sponsored walk, run or jog will raise much needed donations to maintain and develop hospice services that are led from Pine Lodge in Tiverton. Situated on Post Hill in Tiverton, Pine Lodge provides support and activities for local patients with life-limiting illnesses and has recently introduced specialised sessions for patients who have also been diagnosed with dementia. Pine Lodge is the base of Hospiscare’s Mid Devon Community Specialist Nursing Team, who visit patients in their homes to give vital medical support and assistance to those who need it.

The Breakfast Run, a choice of 5km or 10km routes in the beautiful gardens at Knightshayes, is open to all members of the public. The entry fee pays for Hospiscare to hold the event but all sponsorship raised by the participants goes directly into supporting Hospiscare patients in the local community through some of their toughest times. 
If you take advantage of our Early Bird offer and register before the 2nd of June, the registration fee is £12 per adult and £7 per child under 16 years old.  The price after this time is £17 per adult and £10 per child.

Once you have registered you will receive a Breakfast Run Pack, which will give you helpful fundraising hints and tips and a sponsorship form, so your friends and family can donate money to Hospiscare and celebrate your amazing running, jogging or walking abilities. 

Sign up for the Breakfast Run 2017 today to be a #jimjamjogger and raise funds to support your local hospice charity.

Call 01392 688020, or click here to sign up online. 


Follow Amelie’s example and raise pounds in your pyjamas
Posted on June 12th 2017

Do you fancy an enjoyable morning run this autumn, raising money for a local charity in the stunning grounds of a National Trust country estate? Would you like to run in your pyjamas – yes, your pyjamas! – all for a good cause? If so, then the Hospiscare Breakfast Run at Knightshayes Court on 17th September could be for you!

The Breakfast Run is a no pressure 5k or 10k run, walk or jog with coffee and bacon bap available on your return to the Stables Kitchen (vegetarian alternative available). 

People enter The Breakfast Run for many different reasons. For Amelie Foster, however, the decision to take part was determined by her own father’s experience with Hospiscare.

“I was initially surprised and frightened when I discovered that Dad’s GP had referred him to Hospiscare," she recalls. Her father had been ill for a while and she assumed the end must be imminent. It was not.

Amelie, her dad and her sister Hannah and step-sister Jessica

“Dad really struggled with the reality of his condition, the limitations it forced on him and the reality of his own mortality, but he found the Hospiscare Day Centre a place of peace and ease. The nurses that visited him at home had an unspoken understanding and offered compassion and empathy with their care and knowledge.” 

Amelie was also extremely grateful for the support Hospiscare provided after her father’s death. “Although not unexpected, I was consumed by grief. I wasn't prepared for the emotional wrecking-ball that losing a parent would bring. It shook me to the core and felt all-consuming at times. My sister and I received fantastic support at times of worry, and after his passing the Hospiscare team’s words of kindness and support were genuine and profound. Our human instinct is to survive and when you’re faced with your mortality or the mortality of a loved one it’s soul destroying. The care and support provided by Hospiscare helped to ease the pain, soften the reality and take away the fear. Their unwavering kindness, not only to the patients but to the families, is so valued and needed.”

Amelie has also found preparing for the Breakfast Run was a great help. “I knew I needed to direct this negative energy and try to turn it into something positive, to look for something that I could focus on and do something to make me feel that Dad’s death wouldn't be in vain. The Breakfast Run appeared on my Facebook feed, literally days after Dad’s passing. I felt that maybe it was a little sign, having recently watched a documentary on the BBC of the benefits of running for mental health I saw an opportunity to raise money, run for my physical and mental health and do something positive. If I can raise enough to help Hospiscare to support a family the way we were supported then I’ll have achieved my goal.”

Amelie and her daughter Darcie

To hear more about Amelie’s story, click here

Are you and perhaps some of your friends and family inspired by Amelie’s example to complete The Breakfast Run? Entry is only £17 per adult and £10 per child (under 16). Children of three years or under can join in for free. Enter on your own or as part of a group.

For more information on how to enter and gain sponsorship, phone Hospiscare on 01392 688020 or click here


Pyjamas and bacon butties for Hospiscare
Posted on August 10th 2017

Supporters are coming from far and wide to take part in Hospiscare’s Breakfast Run at the picturesque Knightshayes near Tiverton on the 17th September.

Sarah Awbery and her daughter are travelling all the way from Bournemouth to take part and are currently busy training and raising sponsorship. They have a special reason for supporting local charity, Hospiscare.

Sarah and her family

Although it has been over six years since Sarah’s father, Ray Pett, was cared for by Hospiscare, her memories of visiting him on the ward at Searle House in Exeter are still fresh.

“The nurses were just brilliant,” says Sarah. “Along with my mum Kath there were 10 or 11 of us visiting at various times and we were with Dad all through the night. The nurses bought us cups of tea and it was so comforting to have them looking after us, as well as looking after him.”

Sarah and her daughter Freya will be staying with Kath in Crediton, so all three can take part in the Breakfast Run as a family.

“My daughter is eight years old and too young to remember Dad,” says Sarah, “but she understands about raising money for charity and what Hospiscare did for our family. Mum volunteers at the Crediton Hospiscare Shop on a Saturday too, so we do all we can to support the nurses who looked after Dad with such care.”

The Breakfast Run is a 5 or 10k run, walk or jog around the beautiful parklands of Knightshayes at Tiverton on the 17th September.  The run is a fun-filled family occasion, with participants taking part in their pyjamas and a hot drink and breakfast available for everyone at the end. The event will raise much needed funds for local charity, Hospiscare, and is suitable for all ages and abilities, so runners, joggers, walkers, families, individuals and even dogs are all very welcome to join in the fun. 

The Breakfast Run

The event’s group offer is available now - 2 adults and 2 children can enter for £45 (usually £56). Once registered you will receive a Breakfast Run Pack, which will give you helpful fundraising hints and tips and a sponsorship form, so your friends and family can donate money to Hospiscare and celebrate your amazing running, jogging or walking efforts.

Sign up today to be a #jimjamjogger and raise funds to support your local hospice charity. Call 01392 688020, or click here to sign up online.

Last year's Breakfast Run

Hospiscare is a local charity, providing free, high quality care and support to people with a progressive life-limiting illness, and those close to them, in Exeter, Mid and East Devon.

Pensioner takes on Ultra-Endurance Challenges
Posted on August 18th 2017

Len Styles in the Hospiscare Garden

Witness The Fitness! It’s not often you hear a gentleman in his eighties tell you that he has recently taken up extreme distance events.  But Len Styles from Honiton is not your average eighty year old.  Having always kept himself in good physical nick (in his younger years Len used to enjoy taking part in ½ marathons and triathlons), rather than easing off Len is increasing the mileage and has found it to be an essential outlet in helping him deal with grief.

Len explains, “My lovely partner, Christine Taylor, died in December 2015.  Christine had three operations and had treatment over two years and then a stay in hospital. She came home for the last ten days of her life and was tended to by the Hospiscare nurses.  Those ten sleepless days were very hard, very demanding and on reflection I was thinking about how I got through this difficult time.  I think a lot comes down to the exercise. I’ve always kept myself physically fit, being able to train helped me eventually to avoid becoming overwhelmed by grief.  It was like having my own support system.

“Training gives me an external focus, it’s a way of distracting myself from the stresses of life. I have always been outward-looking and I do Tai Chi, which helps me to zone in. You feel guilty about doing anything for yourself when your partner dies, but you are doing the right thing in taking some time out and setting yourself a challenge. 

I had done some ultra-distance races in my seventies.  I completed a 24-hour walking race, the Isle of Man 85-mile walk, a 24 hour run in the Cotswolds, a 23 hour non stop cycle ride covering 240 miles, then a parathlon last year (triathlon and a tandem 15000 ft parachute jump) but I was ready to go further.

“That’s how the Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) 1,000 mile bike ride came up.  In Honiton we have a good group of friends who all enjoy, walking, running, swimming and cycling. We never talk about excellence in these activities, we just want to get together for a laugh, do events and enjoy some tea and cake. About 18 months ago, one of the group suggested LEJOG and 13 of us were interested, so that’s where it started.  But life gets busy, so numbers did dwindle a bit, and by the time June came round there were just 3 of us.

Keith, Len and Sue at the Lands End

“So it ended up with myself, Sue who is 69 and Keith who turned 70 while we were en-route to John O’Groats. We wondered if we were the oldest trio to do LEJOG with a combined age of 219 years!  Sue is on the waiting list for a knee replacement and was advised to exercise, but I don’t think the doctors had this distance in mind.   

“We set off on the 29th June and it took us 17 days in total. The first day we eased into it and covered 25 miles, then after that we averaged 70 miles a day, with 80 miles being the maximum we did in one go.

“The first three days were the toughest. Cornwall and Devon hills are consistently very steep but we didn’t really suffer from aches and pains. The hills in Scotland were higher but more forgiving as the gradients were gentler. You’re on your own on those long hill climbs, in solitude, it has similarities to losing a partner and you just have to keep going.

That’s when the mental strength is needed. 

“My son Mark (aged 53) drove the support van and he was the good shepherd!  He guided us when we got lost, sorted our mechanical breakdowns and made up cups of tea in the driving rain. He really was a support wizard.

“We did a collection for Hospiscare along the way and got £150. Sue and Keith have since raised another £200. 

“Thanks to the kind folk of Honiton £601.84 was raised by selling plants on my drive. Grateful thanks goes to my good neighbours for tending those plants whilst I was cycling.

“Sincere thanks to PAUL BUTTERWORTH of UNICAM (ENGINEERING) CHARD who designed and machined a pedal attachment to enable Sue to compensate for an unequal power stroke and to the guys at THE BIKE SHED, EXETER who were involved with Paul in not only getting Sue ‘on the road’ but dropping everything to sort out Keith’s gear problem on day 3. 

“Very special thanks to my amazing companions who always had a ready smile, were ready to go each and every day without one day's rest.

Len Styles with his bike

So what’s next for Len?

“Well, age doesn’t come into my mind - numbers? I’m always inspired by people older than myself who are doing amazing things. I read recently about a 100 year old who did a tandem parachute jump, veterans in athletics, endeavouring and breaking records. We learn that older people who do things like volunteering feel great for doing it and in doing so push the hands of the ‘ageing clock’ back. Being positive and active is so important. I’m in training for my next ultra which will be a 24-hour running event in May 2018, the HOPE24 in Plymouth.

“Oh and I’ve signed up for the Hospiscare Breakfast Run in September just for fun.” Come and join us! 

If you would like to donate to Lens LEJOG efforts visit his online page

Or if you’d like to join Len for a more leisurely, family and dog friendly event, then sign up for the 5k or 10k Breakfast Run

Hospiscare is a local adult hospice charity, providing free, high quality care and support to people with any type of terminal illness, and those close to them in Exeter, Mid and East Devon.  A gift to Hospiscare in your Will helps to ensure the future of the charity in Devon for generations to come.


Lots of Family Fun at the Hospiscare Breakfast Run!
Posted on September 20th 2017

100s of runners warming up at the Breakfast Run

Hundreds of pyjama-clad runners, joggers and walkers from across Devon turned up at glorious Knightshayes near Tiverton on Sunday 17th September to take part in the Hospiscare Breakfast Run.  The novelty event, which featured a 5 or 10k route, attracted runners from all age groups and abilities, with 482 people joining in to raise much-needed funds for local charity Hospiscare.

The participants enjoyed an off road course with some challenging inclines and were rewarded for their efforts at the end with a delicious breakfast from the Stables Kitchen.

Breakfast Run runners in the sunshine

Sarah Smith, Hospiscare Events and Community Fundraising Manager said: “The runners and walkers were amazing.  They all threw themselves into the spirit of the event and turned up in their PJs.  We were so lucky to have brilliant sunshine throughout and there was an amazing atmosphere, it really made for a fantastic morning.

“This is the second time we have held this event and we had more participants than last year, which is great! I wanted to say a massive thank you to all who took part and we’re looking forward to finding out how much has been raised for Hospiscare, so please collect up your sponsor money and send it into us as soon as you can.”

Father and son at the Hospiscare Breakfast Run

Sarah continued: “As always we couldn’t have put on an event like this without all the support the local community give us.  So huge thanks to the 80 volunteers who gave up their time on the day to marshal the event, take photos and assist the participants.  Thanks to Trowers & Hamlins for kindly sponsoring the event, the National Trust for allowing us to hold the event on their grounds, and John Capon from Otter Windows Limited, who provided all the sound equipment and music on the day. Mid Devon Leisure led a fun warm up session for all the participants, and provided fabulous goodie bags when everyone crossed the finish line.

Children enjoying themselves at the Breakfast Run

“The money raised will go towards supporting Hospiscare’s local services including Pine Lodge Day Hospice in Tiverton, the team of Community Nurse Specialists supporting people in their own homes, and the ward at Searle House in Exeter.”

Teddies are welcome at the Breakfast Run!

Hospiscare is a local adult hospice charity, providing free, high quality care and support to people with any type of terminal illness, and those close to them in Exeter, Mid and East Devon.  A gift to Hospiscare in your Will helps to ensure the future of the charity in Devon for generations to come.

Hospiscare Heroes - Breakfast Run Special!
Posted on September 21st 2017

This week’s Hospiscare Heroes is a Breakfast Run Special, and there are lots of people to thank! 

Firstly, a massive thank you goes to our event sponsors, Trowers and Hamlins. The company have chosen us as their charity partner for 2 years, and their support is key to making the Breakfast Run happen! 

Matt from Trowers and Hamlins

A big thank you also goes to the National Trust, who allow us to host the event in the grounds of the beautiful Knightshayes Court. The event is only possible because of their kind support.

Breakfast Run at Knightshayes

Thanks also go to John Capon of Otter Windows, who provided audio support on the day, including mics and music.

Otter Windows supports Hospiscare

A big thank you to Mid Devon Leisure for providing the fantastic warm up, the goody bags and for entering a team and helping with promotion.

Breakfast Run Warm-up

And of course, a massive thank you must go to over 60 volunteers for making the event happen –from marshalling to registration, refreshments to photography, you did a superb job! 

Marshalls at the Breakfast Run


And who could forget to say a HUGE thank you to the amazing 482 people who signed up to support Hospiscare? We hope you had as fantastic a time as we did. Roll on the next event




The Mouse is back (and so is the Hospiscare Breakfast Run)!
Posted on July 4th 2018

There was a surprise in store for children at Heathcoat Primary School in Tiverton last Tuesday when an unusual competitor turned up and took part in their annual sports day.

School children, teachers and parents alike were thrilled to see George the Mouse arrive, but their delight turned to surprise when the 6ft mouse lined up alongside the children to take part in the races.

Enquiries revealed that George is in training for this year’s Hospiscare Breakfast Run, which is taking place on 30 September at Knightshayes Court, near Tiverton and is kindly sponsored by Brightsea Print Group. He knows there will be some fit cuddly toys and their owners taking part, and fears getting left behind at the start.


George at Sports Day


Those wanting to join George on the run are invited to turn up in their pyjamas if they wish (it’s not compulsory) and bring their teddies or other furry friends to run, jog or walk the 5k or 10k routes through the beautiful parkland of the Knightshayes estate.

To boost early-morning energy levels, water and bananas will be on offer before the start, while on return a delicious bacon butty, or vegetarian alternative, and a hot drink will be available from the Stables Cafe.

Organiser Sharon Ewart said: “The Breakfast Run is a family-friendly event open to all ages, and to dogs too, and there is no pressure to get round. We want people to have a fun time in the beautiful countryside around Knightshayes while raising funds for Hospiscare. It’s a perfect start to an autumn Sunday.

“You can sign up online at or by calling us on 01392 688020. Entry is £17 for an adult and £12 for a child under 16, who must be accompanied. For a family of two adults and two children entry is £45, or £55 for a team of four.”

The Breakfast Run


Asked to comment on George’s unusual training regimen, Sharon said: “I’ve seen George recently and he was a bit coy about how and where he intends to continue his training. But if you see him out and about, do give him a wave.”

Click here to sign up

Hospiscare provides outstanding specialist care for adults with terminal illnesses, and support for their carers and families in Exeter, Mid and East Devon.  A gift to Hospiscare in your Will helps to ensure the future of the charity for generations to come.

Event location

Knightshayes Court, near Tiverton. 7 miles from M5 exit 27 (A361); turn right off Tiverton to Bampton road (A396) at Bolham and follow the National Trust signage.