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A Jolly Good Jaunt
29th Oct 2017

Online sponsorship

The quickest way to get started with your fundraising is to set up an online fundraising page that you can send round to friends, family and colleagues to donate.  

Simply set-up your page by  CLICKING HERE


On paper sponsorship

Download and print out a sponsorship form here or request a hard copy by emailing or calling into the fundraising office on 01392 688020. 



Top tips 

What Ho! Here are some frightfully good ideas to make your fundraising easier and some quick ways to raise the cash.

  • Dress down day: Work is much more fun when you’re wearing jeans! Get colleagues to pay for the privilege and have some comfortable fundraising!
  • 50:50 Raffle: Sell raffle tickets and there is only one prize - one lucky person gets half of all the money taken! The other half, of course, goes to Hospiscare
  • Tweed Dress Day: Get colleagues to pay for the privilege of wearing a spiffing item of tweed as part of your fundraising.  Why not share your photos on our Hospiscare Facebook page, Tweed Tuesday anyone?
  • Car washing: Grab some willing friends and get washing for a good cause!
  • Give it up: Get sponsored to not do something you always do… a sponsored silence, a fortnight of avoiding the lift and only using the stairs, or anything that will challenge you!
  • Car boot sale: In a matter of hours you can have a clutter-free house and a wedge of cash to kick start your fundraising!
  • Welly wanging! Organise a super-duper Welly Wanging competition amongst colleagues, family and friends to see who can throw a wellington boot the farthest. It is Jolly Good fun and a great fundraiser.
  • Change lives: Why not keep it simple? Of the 22 billion coins in circulation, around 13 billion of them are lost - check your handbags and down the side of the sofa!

How to get started

1. Start as early as you possibly can - don’t leave it to the last minute.

2. Set up an online fundraising page by simply  CLICKING HERE

3. If your sponsors are tax-payers as them to tick the Gift Aid box on the sponsorship form and include their full name and home address - it means that the Government will pay Hospiscare an extra 25p for every £1 that’s donated at no additional cost to your sponsor.

4.  Always get your close friends and family to write their sponsorship amount on the sponsorship form first - they tend to be the most generous and they set the standard for everyone else who sees the form after them.

5.  Enlist the help of others - hand out sponsorship forms to family, friends and work colleagues and encourage them to fundraise on your behalf. Give them a copy of the sponsorship form and these fundraising tips. 

6.  Approach your work colleagues, your employer and any local companies you might have links with for donations or ask them to run a fundraising event on your behalf. Leave a copy on the reception desk/in the lunch room within your place of work. 

7.  Does your Company offer Match Funding? By asking this question you could double the money you raise!

Word of mouth

Tell everyone in your neighbourhood, social club, gym or office what you’re doing and why. An A5 registration form/poster will be provided in your walker pack for you to display in your workplace - you could even help recruit more walkers to make a Team Event. Please let us know if you are entering a team, we would love to publicise your support and story within the press.


Email your marvellous friends and colleagues asking for support and let them know why their support is so important. Remember to include the link to your online fundraising page.

Social network

Share the link of your online fundraising page on Facebook and Twitter so that everyone knows you’re taking part in a Jolly Good Jaunt and can sponsor you (or join you!)


Useful Resources

Download a new sponsorship form 

Download a Jolly Good Jaunt poster


Event location

Take the A30 signposted to Honiton/London. Take the slip road at Patterson Cross signposted Fairmile, Fenny Bridges and Feniton. At the T-junction turn right signposted Fenny Bridges and Fairmile. At the next T-junction turn left, signposted Fenny Bridges. Go through the village of Fenny Bridges under the old iron bridge, under the new bridge and then take the left-hand road to Weston. At the T-junction by the bridge turn right into Weston Village then turn left at Weston Cross to Buckerell. Turn left after approximately 200 yards into the Deer Park drive.