24 hour care

Hospiscare at Searle House in Exeter has a 12-bed ward giving 
24-hour nursing, medical treatment and care. 


If you are experiencing difficult or complex symptoms, your GP, Hospiscare nurse or hospital doctor may recommend an inpatient stay in Searle House, where you will be fully assessed and have time to talk about what is important to you and your family.

How long will I stay?

Searle House is not a long stay unit.  The average length most people stay in is about ten days, and about 50% of people are discharged home or on to another care setting such as a care home.

Sometimes Searle House is the best place for you to be cared for during the last few days of life.

How will I be looked after?

You will find Searle House is very different from a hospital ward. We have a higher number of nursing staff to patients, so our staff can take more time to give you the care you need and listen to you and your family.

Our consultant-led medical team is especially skilled in end-of-life care and in the control of worrying symptoms such as sickness and pain.

Our main aim is to maximize your quality of life and to maintain your comfort and dignity.

Will I have any home comforts?

We do our best to provide you with home comforts, access to our gardens, freshly prepared meals, and individual televisions/radios.

If you have a family pet, well-behaved dogs and cats are always welcome.  Talk to us before arranging for your pet to visit.









If you have any birthdays or special occasions in mind, let us know.  We will help you with anything you want to achieve.  Birthdays, weddings and many other special occasions have been held and celebrated at Searle House.

Can I have visits from family & friends?

Your friends and relatives can visit at any time. We do however ask your visitors to be considerate toward other patients and their families.  There are no specific visiting times at Searle House, although we ask visitors to avoid certain times as explained below. 

What are the best times to visit?

Visitors should aim to come after 11am in the morning.

We also have a quiet time after lunch so afternoon visits are best after 2.30pm.

Generally we ask visitors to leave by 9.30pm but speak to a nurse if you would like visitors to stay longer.

There is overnight accommodation that visitors can use in special circumstances.  Ask the nurse looking after you to discuss with your visitors if it would help them to stay overnight at Searle House.

Further information for you

For further information about Searle House you can download the Patient's Booklet.

 patient’s booklet

General enquiries

Main switchboard 01392 688000. Open from 8am - 8pm on weekdays

10am - 7pm on weekends/holidays.


We aim to reply in two working days.  Write to us at Hospiscare, Searle House, Dryden Road, Exeter Devon EX2 5JJ.