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Gold Standards Framework

A framework to enable a gold standard of care for ALL people nearing the end of life

national gsf logoAt Hospiscare we are committed to supporting the implementation of the Gold Standards Framework for End of Life Care.

The Gold Standards Framework promotes the principle of ‘living well until we die’. It is a framework to enable a gold standard of care for ALL people nearing the end of life.

The 5 goals of GSF are:

  • Consistent High Quality Care
  • Alignment with patients’ preferences
  • Improved staff confidence and team work
  • More home-based, less hospital based care
  • Pre Planning and anticipation of needs

Advanced care planning

Advanced care planning is to make clear and with permission to record a person’s wishes, should they deteriorate in the future. It is a process of discussion between a person and those who provide care, such as family members, doctors , nurses, domicillary carers or care home staff. It is often triggered by diagnosis of a significant illness or life changing event such as a bereavement.

Preferred Priorities of Care pdf document

Advanced Decision to Refuse Treatment pdf document
(Previously known as a ‘living will or advanced directive)

Contacts for the Gold Standards Framework in Devon

GSF is about cross boundary care in ALL settings, including home, care homes, hospitals and hospices. In order to implement this ideal a project is underway to facilitate the principles of GSF in Care Homes across Exeter, Mid and East Devon.

The GSF Facilitator can be contacted on tel 01392 688036.

A GP Facilitator has been appointed to support doctors and nurses in general practice. She is Prue Mitchel, Macmillan GP Facilitator, email or tel 07986 574823.

National Gold Standards Framework

If you wish to learn more about the Gold Standards Framework or if you are a professional wanting to locate template tools from the GSF Toolkit see the national website.