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They look after
my whole family.

Richard, a patient from Honiton

How we raise and spend money

Hospiscare raise and spend nearly £5m a year to care for over 2,000 patients and their families.

Where our funding comes from

Nearly 70% of our funding comes from voluntary donations or is raised by Hospiscare shops and the Hospiscare Lottery. Just 25% comes from the government through the Devon PCT.

Hospiscare income 2011/12

funding pie chart

Voluntary funding £2,750,501 - 55%
Education £235,991 - 4%
Hospiscare Retail and Lottery £794,671 - 16%
NHS Devon grant - £1,250,064 - 25%

How we spend our money

We are proud to say we spend 88p in every pound donated directly on patient care. The other 12% is spent on raising funds and expenses for audits, legal advice and other business costs.

Hospiscare expenditure 2011/12

spending pie chart

Patient care £4,295,588 - 88%
Other expenditure £581,513 - 12%

I want to know more

For further information, download our full financial report or our annual review.

Download our full financial report 2013/14
Download our annual review 2012